Governing Bodies

Shareholders' General Meetings:

Composed of all the shareholders entitled to vote, who is responsible to decide on statutory changes, making a general assessment of the Management and Supervisory Board, to decide on the management and accounts report, elect the corporate bodies of its competence and , in general, considering all the terms submitted to it by the Board of Directors;

Board of Directors:

Elected by the general meeting, is currently composed of 6 members, which is responsible for performing all management functions to implement the operations inherent in its object, and in the best interests of the Company, shareholders and employees;

Statutory Audit Board:

Appointed by the General Meetings, consists of three members and one substitute, shall be responsible for the supervision of the company and the appointment of a Chartered Accountant or Firm of Chartered Accountants;

Chartered Accountant (or Society of Chartered Accountants), which is responsible to examine the company's accounts.


Corporate Governance Report 2022