Special Steels

The steels business started in 1935 with the production and distribution of tools for woodworking through F. Ramada - Aços e Indústrias. In 1940 the distribution of special steels began and a few years later a new production unit for drawn and rolled steels was started in Ovar.

In 1973 a, at the time, F. Ramada - Aços e Indústrias acquired the competitor Universal Aços Máquinas e Ferramentas, SARL and in 1997 the Afir - Aços Finos e Representações, Lda. These two companies were merged two years later creating Universal Afir, Aços e Ferramentas, SA.

In 2016 the Ramada Group acquires full control of Planfuro Global S.A.

Currently, the Special Steels business is developed in the national market with a prominent position by its three companies: Ramada Aços S.A., Universal Afir S.A. and Planfuro Global S.A.

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Planfuro Global S.A.