About Ramada Investimentos e Indústria


In 2008, a corporate reorganization project of Ramada Investimentos e Indústria, SA, at the time named F. Ramada - Investimentos, SGPS, SA, a numerical company, was presented under the domain of a single entity, as social shares of all the companies of the Ramada group, thus assuming a position of holding company of the group.

Under the holding company domain, there are:


(i)           Ramada Aços, S.A. and Universal Afir, S.A., companies that dedicate themselves and concentrate all the activity of the steel developed by the group. Ramada Aços is a company with more than eighty years of existence and activity, a market leader and is recognized for its high know-how, prestige and credibility in its areas of activity. Universal Afir, which has been operating for more than 40 years, also enjoys a strong prestige in the market in which it operates, and is also an undeniable reference of know-how and quality.

(ii)         F. Ramada II – Imobiliária, S.A., a company created in 2004 that is dedicated to and concentrates the real estate activity of the group, mainly through the acquisition of forest assets, an activity that has been developing for more than fourteen years.

(iii)       Planfuro Global, S.A., concentrates the activity of machining and manufacturing of structures for molds of the group. It's a company that develops this activity from its factory in Marinha Grande, being solid and recognized in the market in which it operates, it stands out among the leading companies in this sector.

(iv)        Socitrel – Sociedade Industrial de Trefilaria, S.A., a company that concentrates the industrial activity of wire drawing (manufacture of steel wires) for application in the most diverse areas of activity: industry, agriculture and civil construction. It's an eminently exporting company that develops activity from its factory in São Romão do Coronado, in Trofa, for more than forty years. This company was acquired by the Ramada group after, following the severe economic crisis in Portugal, and which affected it in a very pronounced way, has undergone, in 2015, a special revitalization process (PER). The great success of the PER is proof of the strength and resilience of this company and its people, the quality of its products and the prestige it has always maintained in the markets in which it operates, factors that have made it an interesting company for the Ramada group which, in 2017, acquired it, by purchase, becoming part of its business portfolio.


Until May 2018, the Ramada group also dedicated, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ramada Storax, S.A., to the storage solutions business.

Ramada Storax, in addition to its strong presence in Portugal, was doing business in France in a robust and sustainable way, through its subsidiary Storax SARL (company governed by French law), in England through Storax Limited (company governed by English law), in Belgium through Storax Benelux (a company governed by Belgian law) and, since 2014, in Spain through Storax España (company governed by Spanish law).

In May 2018 an agreement was reached between the Ramada Group and Stow International (Belgian Law Company) concerning the disposal by the latter of the shares representing the capital stock and voting rights of Ramada Storax, SA. For this reason, this company left the group's business portfolio, allowing Ramada Investimentos e Indústria, S.A. to focus even more on its core business, continuing to provide the market with different and innovative products, and cementing its leadership position.