Storage Systems

In 1958, the Ramada Group was responsible for the introduction in Portugal, under licence from Dexion Ltd., of the first perforated angle. Initially benefitting from this company's technical support, the Ramada Group quickly led its performance strategy towards the constant innovation of its offer, in a sector where know-how and the constant search for innovative solutions were critical success factors.

In this segment, 50 years of experience represents a guarantee of a thorough knowledge in all areas of material storage, from the simplest metal rack to the most complex automated storage. The company's main clients are those with logistics activities, as well as the agro-food, food, pharmaceutical, paper and automotive industries.

The Group is nowadays the largest manufacturer of storage systems solutions in Portugal. Offering a range of products and services at the level of the most advanced international firms in the sector, in which quality, diversification and innovation are determining aspects. The offer is based on a wide range of solutions, based on module systems (racks) where focus is given to automated warehouses, mobile shelving, platforms, hung racks, conventional racks, drive-in, flow track, push back rack, power rack, freestanding rack, rack for light loads, cantilever, dexion, selecta - flow, among others.

In 2001 and 2002, respectively, within the scope of its internationalisation strategy and the diversification of products, two companies which specialised in high density refrigerator storage solutions (the so-called cold stores) were purchased: Storax Equipements based in France, and (Storax Racking Systems ) based in the United Kingdom. In 2005, with the objective of reinforcing its influence in this area, Storax Benelux, based in Belgium, was also integrated.

During 2003, with the goal of increasing its management capacity, this activity was given autonomy in a separate company, F. Ramada - Produção e Comercialização de Estruturas Metálicas de Armazenagem, S.A. (F. Ramada Estruturas).

Therefore, currently, in addition to this company, which is located in Ovar and where production in centred, the Group also has:

A branch in Queluz, responsible for the sale of its products in the Southern region of the country;
Storax Equipements which sells the Group’s products in France;
Storax Benelux that develops its commercial activity in Belgium, in the Netherlands and in Germany and in which today the largest projects are concentrated;
Storax Racking Systems, based in the United Kingdom, which ensures the sale, not only in this country but also throughout the world (Asia, USA, South Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Nordic Countries), thereby constituting the most important export channel of the Ramada Group;
A network of European distributors, focused on classic racks (All Click, Felin, Redi Storage, Olejnik, and RSL Actiflip).

Note that the Ramada Group, through its affiliate F. Ramada Estruturas, designs, by itself, storage solutions which it then develops, produces and sells through its network of international subsidiaries and distributors, with locally sub-contracted assembly companies. In the international market, the solutions are mostly sold under the brand Storax Racking Systems.

Among a wide range of projects undertaken by the Ramada Group, both in Portugal and abroad (including outside Europe, for example in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Serbia, Norway, Greenland, the Middle East, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, USA), the following are also worth highlighting:

High density storage for the Danone and Nestlé Groups (France);
High density storage (cold store) for the Pescanova (Spain) and Read Boardall (England);
Automatic storage for Egemin (India) and DLS, with Efacec (Portugal); and
Automatic storage (cold store) for Ardo (Belgium).

Lastly, it should be noted that the definition of innovative solutions in the market for storage systems, particularly when it comes to high-density systems, is one of the major concerns of the Group, generating more added value to end clients and allowing entry into new market niches - such as 2Store and Ranger, offsetting falls in sales in traditional products (traditional racks).

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