The steel business began in 1935 with the production and distribution of tools for wood, through the company F. Ramada - Aços e Indústrias. In 1940, the distribution of special steel was initiated and, in 1961, the new drawn and laminated steel production unit began in Ovar.

Increasing its critical dimension, in 1973, F. Ramada - Aços e Indústrias bought its competitor, Universal Aços Máquinas e Ferramentas, SARL, and in 1997, Afir - Aços Finos e Representações, Lda., and these two companies underwent a merger in 1999, thus launching the current Universal Afir, Aços e Ferramentas, SA. (Universal Afir).

Recently the company decided to go forward with a rebranding project and changed the corporative identity. Embracing the quality, the passion and versatility of the raw material that the company work with, now its designated as RAMADA AÇOS S.A.

This change was important to open the brand to new markets and make it more global, pursuing the company future goals. The trust from the clients, the experience and dedication to reach perfection, are the foundations to this new cycle that is starting.

At present, the steel business is developed by Ramada Aços which is responsible for the industrial activities associated with transformation and distribution, and by Universal Afir, whose role is mainly dedicated to distribution.

The steel is mainly intended for the construction of machines and their components and the production of tools (cleats, cutters and moulds), and its main destination markets are the industry for the manufacturing of moulds for plastic, components for the automotive industry, equipment and components for domestic appliances and electronics.

Along with the processing and sale of steel, the Ramada Group is able to offer its clients a wide range of services, among which we highlight thermal treatment, which comes from its vast know-how in this area, as well as the modern technical and logistical resources that it has. Therefore, the Group offers all the technical support that the clients need, in relation to which they have followed a permanent strategy for the improvement in quality, both in terms of the services provided and products sold.

In detail, this business segment includes the following activities:

the cold transformation of steel by means of the drawing process, wire drawing and machining by means of chipping operations that add value to steel, bringing its mechanical and surface and / or shape properties closer, making its incorporation in the client's process easier;
the thermal treatment of steel components and tools, a process that takes place after the manufacture of the components / tools and that is carried out on technically advanced equipment through controlled processes, thereby allowing the client to have a double quality assurance, which covers the steel and its thermal treatment;
the distribution and production of cutting tools for metal and wood.

The proximity to the client in terms of the availability of products and services and in terms of their knowledge in the formulation of more suitable technical/economic solutions are essential aspects to the development and consolidation of the Group's position towards its clients.

Regarding this, F. Ramada - Aços e Indústrias covers all the industrial areas of the country with 6 warehouses and points of sale, plus Universal Afir's 3 warehouses and points of sale. In accordance with the knowledge that the Group has, and even though the lack of detailed sectorial statistics makes the analysis of data difficult, the Group has the largest network of points of sale in the country (its direct competitor has 2 points of sale) and also has the widest range, which for most clients allows for the application of the one-stop-shop concept.

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